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September 21, 2020
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The digital dollar is back in a new bill – Blocksats

The topic of digital dollar returns in the US. Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and Pramila Jayapal presented a draft of a new law in which the topic appears CBDCA.

Digital dollars for everyone!

The federal government would transfer as much as $ 2,000 a month to every American. The Automatic BOOST to Communities (ABC Act) also restores the concept of digital dollar.

Under the Act, Congress would authorize the Federal Reserve to set up special “Fed Accounts,” followed by “no later than 1 January 2021, the secretary will offer all payment recipients the option of receiving them for digital dollar wallets. “

Digital dollar on Ethereum

The idea of ​​the dollar in the digital version appeared for the first time in its original form “Act on liability for employees and families”, introduced by the President of the Chamber, Nancy Pelosi.

It is worth noting that digital dollars would be stablecoins. It is unclear whether they would be based on blockchain at all. In the end, the idea was abandoned anyway.

He also appeared in an independent Senate project presented by Senator Sherrod Brown.

Along the way, we also learned the concept of the Consortium Hyperledgerin which the digitized dollar would be based on the Ethereum platform. It’s exactly about the eThaler project. It would also be stablecoinem such as Libra or Tether. The difference would be that the underlying would not be in the hands of any company, as is the case with Tether and Bitfinex, but … FED.

Libra, however, will rise!

News about the digital dollar appears in a similar period as information that the Libra Association is modifying its Libra currency design to better match the vision of politicians and officials. So everything indicates that Facebook currency will rise.

In addition, the People’s Bank of China is testing the digital yuan, as reported by people associated with Binance. We wrote about it here in more detail. A post with screenshots of the digitized yuan app was posted on Twitter by Ling Zhang, Executive Director from Binance. Then her post went on to CZ, CEO exchange.

We also recommend a video from the “Freedom under renovation” channel about the digital dollar:

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