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September 21, 2020
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The first Copernic solar farm project is now ready. | Blocksats

The Copernic project created on the initiative of Rahim Blak is starting to accelerate. The idea we wrote about for the first time at the end of March will soon be implemented. The first solar farm will be built in the village of Stary Dzików in the Podkarpackie province.

This project already has building permission, environmental decision and most importantly – connection power from PGE. The only thing missing is a shovel, silicon and steel to reduce CO2 emissions and make money at the same time.

The Rahim Blak team did this with funds collected from the sale of COP1 share tokens on the platform Mosaico and the Kanga Stock Exchange. The task was significantly hindered by the ongoing pandemic, but the funds for the start are already there. Now 1.5 million of the needed 2.125 million PLN is still missing from the finish line.

Construction of the farm is largely administrative work. It takes up to 2 years to obtain all permits, while construction takes about 2 months. Copernic’s plan was to deliver the first project at the end of this year. In the optimistic variant, because the pandemic has shifted decisions in offices.

Izabela Kedron – one of the most experienced solar power plant design specialists in Poland stands behind the finished project.

Copernic is already 100% owner of this farm, but still invites investors, not only to buy tokens, but also shares in the special purpose company Stary Dzików. In addition to investors who will enter the company and purchase equity tokens, Copernic is looking for employees for the administration, fundraising and all forms of financing such as subsidies or loans.

Today, Copernic is already completing the first farm. The creators declare that it will be built entirely this year. Within 10 years, the company plans to be the largest seller of green energy in Poland, with a portfolio of 1000 solar power plants powered by blockchain technology. The profit generated will also be invested in cleanTech startups.

Everyone interested in participating in the project is invited to visit: https://mosaico.ai/projects/copernic

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