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September 28, 2020
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The hacker has stolen the database of the largest hosting service provider on Dark Web Blocksats

How reported ZdNet, a hacker who claims to be associated with the Anonymous group, has stolen sensitive data from sites hosted on Daniel’s Hosting darkweb hosting.

The hacker closed 7600 websites

On May 31, information appeared on the network about a hacker who stole and published data from Daniel’s Hosting, the largest free hosting provider on the darknet network.

Hacker operating under the pseudonym “KingNull” – claims to belong to the collective Anonymus. Allegedly, during a hack into DH on March 10, he obtained information that allowed the liquidation of 7,600 websites published on darkweb.

This fact forced the hosting service provider to terminate the service and prompted users to move their sites to new servers.

A data leak can help track the identity of people managing illegal sites on Darknet

According to ZdNet, the stolen data includes 3 671 e-mail addresses, 7 205 passwords and 8 850 private domain keys connected to darknet websites

Under the Beach, a network threat company, confirmed ZDNet’s findings and commented on the attack as follows:

“This information could significantly help law enforcement authorities track down individuals conducting or engaging in illegal darknet activities”

The hosting company warned its users to immediately change their passwords, because they can be used to take over their accounts from other providers.

Daniel Hosting was reportedly the main place where illegal cybercrime websites were hosted. According to the company, many clients had political websites and they can reveal their identity to law enforcement authorities.

The ZdNet report indicates that the hacker has not stolen IP addresses associated with users. At the moment, Daniel Winzen, head of Daniel Hosting, has not set a date to restart the service.

Alleged connections of the hacker with the Anonymus group

The information that the hacker is allegedly associated with the Anonymous group would not come as a surprise. The collective started in 2013 “Operation Darknet” directed against Freedom Hosting, which was at that time the largest hosting in the TOR network. The operation was to prevent the dissemination of child pornography.

Recent data published by Crystal Blockchain Analytics showed that the total value of Bitcoin transmitted in Darknet increased by 65% ​​in the first quarter of 2020. This drew the authorities’ attention to illegal transactions on the TOR network.

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