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September 26, 2020
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The monetary revolution is becoming a fact – believes CEO of Bitcoin Amber – Blocksats

It’s only a matter of time until Bitcoin strengthened his position. He thinks that Aleks Svetski, CEO and co-founder of the Bitcoin Amber investment platform. In an email to Cointelegraph he added that a “monetary revolution” was taking place right before our eyes.

This is a monetary and not a technological revolution!

“It’s a monetary revolution” – he thinks. He adds that typing BTC in the technological revolution is partly wrong.

He is right because more and more often large investors, journalists and economists notice that it is the economic nature of BTC that can strengthen its position kryptowaluty on the market. For if only a few years ago fans blockchaina they noticed that it is worth using Bitcoins, as these may be more convenient and cheaper to pay, so now something else is being taken care of. Namely, that cryptocurrency is independent of central banks. The latter have recently printed their currencies at an alarming rate. It must end on a monthly scale inflationand in some countries even hyperinflation.

Bitcoin, as an asset independent of the control of authorities, may prove to be something attractive in times of economic uncertainty. Svetski explained:

“The more holes will appear in the building we call society; be it monetary, fiscal, political – the more people will want to preserve their wealth [lokując je] in something resistant to state manipulation. “

Bitcoin is gaining popularity recently in mainstream

In recent days, we clearly see that people from the mainstream, e.g. billionaire Paul Tudor Jones or Elon Musk, express their sympathy for BTC.

Svetski listed two reasons why this happens:

“I like to say that people will come in Bitcoin because of curiosity or pain. I would add greed, but it can also mean curiosity. “

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