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September 22, 2020
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The price of bitcoin is falling but this is not the end of cryptocurrency increases

Bitcoin after halvingu 2020 has been steadily falling, losing 15% since the last peaks. Around $ 8,300 is a very important price support. What happens when the price breaks this level? Does this mean that we can no longer count on further increases? It all depends on the coming days in which direction investors will push the price, but in the long run we are going to the next heights.

Ethereum in quite a long consolidation, it doesn’t react too much to price fluctuations Bitcoin. Will there be another rally up to $ 300 and up soon? In addition, Arek has prepared for you an analysis: Litecoin (LTC), OmniseGo (OMG) and IOT.

In the part about the traditional market you will learn about the current situation on the main indices. Nasdaq returns to its pre-fall price from March 2020. Is this the end of the 2020 crisis and we will be dealing with the shortest downturn in world history. Which indices are rising so much and why, despite the worse data coming from the economy? Wig20 makes up for the losses after the dollar has fallen, Dow Jones has come out of consolidation and is gradually making up for the losses.

You can find more analysis and materials on the YouTube channel Krypto Report

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