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September 22, 2020
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There is a chance that the US Senate will vote using blockchain – Blocksats

The US Congress is considering developing a blockchain-based system that will allow remote voting in the Senate.

Senate a blockchain

It is worth noting that this type of voting would take place not permanently, but during the coronavirus pandemic or later such other events. Media they add that the model would be supplemented with end-to-end or E2EE encryption applications to facilitate voting.

The idea comes from the Permanent Investigation Subcommittee and is intended to help keep the trial “The continuity of Senate operations and distance voting in times of crisis.”

The document that created the subcommittee states that the two houses of Congress always have “Meet in person to conduct their activities, including committee hearings, deliberations and voting”, stressing that “no chamber has contingency plans for remote operation. “

Added that through an encrypted distributed book “Blockchain can both safely transfer votes and verify the correctness of voting.” These features – according to experts – testify to the effectiveness of voting systems based on blockchain.

“Blockchain can provide a safe and transparent environment for [takich, wyborczych] transactions and [umożliwić] electronic recording of all voices without any manipulation. It also reduces the risk of incorrect voting results. “

– added in the document.

Congress also notes that similar systems are already being implemented in the context of global voting. Parliamentary elections in Estonia were referred to in 2019, in which 44 percent votes were cast online.

The Senate is concerned about security vulnerabilities

However, the report also indicates some concerns related to the 51% attack, which is theoretically possible in the case of blockchaina. Added that “Any remote voting system based on blockchain would have to be properly configured to eliminate the 51% attack threat.”

The Senate also expresses concerns about “Possible gaps due to cryptographic flaws and software errors.”

However, this note appears at an important moment. In the US, there is a discussion on the effectiveness of blockchain-based solutions regarding challenges related to crisis management resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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