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January 16, 2022
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Top 5 coins for the fourth week of March

Fourth week of March comes to an end with most of the market in the red

Week ending and what can not speak? Our top 5 coins of the week, of course. A certainly busy week, mainly due to the promulgation of the emergency financial aid package approved by President Donald Trump. Like traditional markets, the crypto market also reacted to this week’s news.

In this analysis we will show the performance of the 5 cryptocurrencies with the biggest gains in the last 7 days. Only currencies that are, during the writing of this text, in the general top 100 in market capitalization will enter the list. All the data below were obtained through the CoinMarketCap.

EDC Blockchain (EDC)

Yes, you didn’t read it wrong, 2600% valuation in 7 days. I confess that I didn’t know the currency in question and I had to give a “Google”. It is a project launched in 2015 and it exploded that week. The reasons? I didn’t find it anywhere on these interwebs. Below you can see the graph of this scary rise:

top 5 EDC

Current amount: $ 0.047608

Earnings in the last 7 days: 2,671.39%

Market capitalization: $ 127,145,440

Position in the cryptocurrency ranking: 38

Quant (QNT)

After the unusually high first place on our list, we are now back to normal. With a little more than 47% increase in the last week, our second position is occupied by Quant. And that’s all I have to say about it.

Current value: $ 3.32

Earnings in the last 7 days: 47.26%

Market capitalization: $ 40,074,093

Position in the cryptocurrency ranking: 80th

Numeraire (NMR)

The return of those who never went. Numeraire back on the list after leading the past week. Jumping from 98th position in the third week of March, NMR now occupies the 82nd position in the coinmarketcap ranking. Anyone who believed (differently from me) and remained firm with the currency has accumulated more than 130% of gains in the last 14 days.

Check out the Numeraire data from the previous week and compare with that week:

top 5 NMR

It looks like I couldn’t cut it… yet.

Current value: $ 16.70

Earnings in the last 7 days: 30.19%

Market capitalization: $ 39,648,967

Position in the cryptocurrency ranking: 82nd

Augur (REP)

Augur entering the fourth position on this list with less than 23% increase shows us that it was not exactly the best possible week for the crypto world. An example of this is our fourth place on last week’s list, the classic Dash, which at that time had almost 50% increase. Let’s hope for better days.

Current value: $ 10.26

Earnings in the last 7 days: 22.96%

Market capitalization: $ 112,888,370

Position in the cryptocurrency ranking: 44th

DigiByte (DGB)

Finally in this list, and also with small gains by the standards of the crypto universe, we have DigiByte. Recalling that this currency has already been worth more than US $ 0.13 at its historic high, which, together with the graphs, shows us a low that has lasted since January 2018. Beware of those who think about holding.

Current amount: $ 0.004285

Earnings in the last 7 days: 20.15%

Market capitalization: $ 55,590,809

Position in the cryptocurrency ranking: 66th

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