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May 18, 2021
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Top 5 coins of the second week of April

Second week of April turned out to be quite balanced, with most of the market remaining stable

With no exorbitant gains or losses to report this time around, the second week of April has old known highlights from the crypto community. It is also worth remembering that this week the halving of Bitcoin Cash occurred, the effects of which could already be felt in the cryptocurrency hashrate.

In this analysis we will show the performance of the 5 cryptocurrencies with the biggest gains in the last 7 days. Only currencies that are, during the writing of this text, in the general top 100 in market capitalization will enter the list. All the data below were obtained through the CoinMarketCap.

Chainlink (LINK)

As mentioned earlier, the week was not a big one. An example of this is that our first place today, the popular LINK, had gains of 40%, well away from 99% of our leader last week. This is the second time that Chainlink appears on our list in a short time.

Current value: $ 3.23

Earnings in the last 7 days: 40.70%

Market capitalization: $ 1,130,132,313

Position in the cryptocurrency ranking: 11th

Seele (SEELE)

Following in the footsteps of LINK, the second place on our list this week does not show even half the earnings of the same place on our last list. However, SELLE’s positive 30% is very important for the currency, especially as it is a falling asset since the beginning of the year.

Current amount: $ 0.068739

Earnings in the last 7 days: 30.35%

Market capitalization: $ 48,089,258

Position in the cryptocurrency ranking: 76

Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Considered one of the failed Bitcoin core forks, it is difficult to say that Bitcoin Gold has a great appreciation of the community. Quite the contrary, with a large number of traders taxing it as a “shitcoin”. However, those who see the face do not see a percentage, and the almost 30% of gains in the last 7 days put BTG in a good position on our list.

Current value: $ 9.54

Earnings in the last 7 days: 29.45%

Market capitalization: $ 167,045,854

Position in the cryptocurrency ranking: 37

Stellar (XLM)

XLM saw her name get a lot of news this week and, fortunately for her, in a positive way. On April 7, Stellar began to rise after the start of a donation program to donate 2.5 million XLM to various charities to help them fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Point to Stellar!

Current amount: $ 0.048506

Earnings in the last 7 days: 17.17%

Market capitalization: $ 984,969,044

Position in the cryptocurrency ranking: 13th

DigiByte (DGB)

The gains are extremely modest for the cryptographic standard, but the 16% of the DGB this week allows it to return to our list after appearing in this same position during the last week of March. At the time, the currency was traded for $ 0.004285. Whoever bought and kept it since then has a good accumulated profit.

Current amount: $ 0.006209

Earnings in the last 7 days: 16.13%

Market capitalization: $ 80,852,208

Position in the cryptocurrency ranking: 53rd

Marcelo Roncate photo

Marcelo Roncate photo

The author: Marcelo Roncate

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