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September 24, 2020
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TRQPro: the 4th edition of the traders league is starting – Blocksats

The TRQPro team invites you to participate in the next quarter of the competition as part of the struggle for the title of TRQPro Best Trader on the BitMEX, Bybit and Binance platforms. The fourth installment of the nine-month trading leagues will start on May 6.

Best Trader TRQPro

So far, 3 editions of the annual League have taken place, in which dozens have participated traders. In each of the leagues the fight was for attractive cash prizes with a total value of several thousand zlotys and commemorative statuettes. TOP10 riders score ranking points in the system known from F1 races, which are added together every edition in the ranking. There is a quarterly and year-round ranking.

It is worth mentioning that participation in the League is completely free, and League service – at the highest world level. Enrollment takes place via the form on the website https://www.trqpro.pl/ligathat appears when you click the “Join League” button. Players have three exchanges to choose from: BitMEX, Binance and Bybit. Everyone can play using the platform that suits them. Keys are used for cyclical readings APIthat the player provides upon registration. Thanks to this, the ranking is refreshed cyclically without effort on the part of players.

The final result counts in the League. The common denominator is multiplied startup capital, and as the previous games have shown – it is not easy to reach for victory. For the BitMEX platform, the reference point is the deposit expressed in XBT. For other platforms – Binance, Bybit – calculations are based on USDT.

A prerequisite for participation in the League is to read the rules and its acceptance. Play using an account with the TRQPro affiliation. There is also a minimum starting deposit at an affordable level of 0.005 XBT (BitMEX) or 50 USDT (Binance, Bybit). Thanks to these efforts it is possible to finance prizes and an online platform without an entry fee!

There is something to fight for!

It is worth mentioning the prizes. They are fully financed from funds accumulated on the affiliate account during the competition. The winner receives 30 percent fees, the second player gains 20%, while the third place is entitled to 10% fee. In previous editions of the League, these shares gave a sum of about 2,000 PLN. In addition, the first three receive commemorative statuettes. Due to the cooperation with FLYINGATOM, in addition to the commemorative cups, the first three quarterly games will receive vouchers worth 150/100/50 PLN for use in the FLYINGATOM online store. The leader of the annual ranking will receive an additional cash prize at the end of the annual games.

To sum up, we invite everyone willing to test their strength in the next monthly edition of the TRQPro League. This is an ideal opportunity to prove your skills under competitive pressure. Participation in the League is a real treat for those who lack the thrill. Join the League and enter the list of winners!

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