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September 27, 2020
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Trump wanted a ban on BTC in the US – suggests his ex-associate | Blocksats

Donald Trump is not one of the biggest BTC fans in the world. We already know that. It turns out, however, that he did not start looking at cryptocurrencies with an unfavorable eye only a year ago when he tweeted about Facebook Libra. A new light on the behind the scenes of the White House’s activities also in terms of Bitcoin policy is thrown by a book by a former associate of the US President.

Trump, BTC and book

It’s about John Bolton, a former associate of the US president, and his new book “The room where it happened.” It is from her that we learn that Trump was a Bitcoin opponent back in 2018.

He wrote more about the case in an article from June 18 Forbes. Bolton now reveals, after two years, that he himself personally heard Trump tell Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to deal with the subject of Bitcoin. This issue arose during the conversation regarding trade sanctions and tariffs imposed on China. Everything happened supposedly in May 2018. So it was probably about introducing a ban or some restrictions on the cryptocurrency market in the USA.

The above would be in line with the opinion of most of the Washington elite. US politicians are increasingly admitting that they are afraid that BTC may threaten the dollar’s supremacy.

No, this is not hate from the first tweet

The world, however, for a long time wondered what Trump feels about BTC. His other ex-associate, considered to be the person who saved the current president’s 2016 campaign, Steve Bannon, is widely known for being a cryptocurrency fan. Trump was thought to think similarly.

The reality turned out to be different. When Facebook announced its Libra plans in the summer of 2019, politicians around the world went crazy with rage. They claimed that Mark Zuckerberg’s company could not be allowed to have its digital currency.

Trump himself tweeted about BTC at the time. He wrote that it was a tool for criminals and terrorists and something based on “air,” meaning implicitly worthless. Today we know that he had heard about BTC much earlier and he did not love the idea behind cryptocurrency …

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