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September 24, 2020
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Twitch offers a discount for Bitcoin fans |

The Twitch platform now offers as much as 10 percent. subscription discounts for people who register on it and pay for the service using cryptocurrency. The new offer uses the capabilities of the BitPay payment processor.

Twitch invites BTC fans to his place

Today, the platform is the most popular among streaming players. Twitch has over 27,000 partner channels, 15 million daily active users, and 2.2 million monthly broadcasters.

To enable people to use cryptocurrencies to get 10 percent. discounts on its services, Amazon’s subsidiary Twitch uses the BitPay cryptocurrency processing system.

According to Bill Zielke, BitPay marketing director, “Twitch is the first major retailer to follow this trend” related to cryptocurrencies.

It’s also worth adding that it’s not the only gaming site and live streaming service that offers cryptocurrency support, after all. Many gaming companies, such as Take Two (Disintegration and Outer World) and Microsoft, support cryptocurrency payments.

To get 10 percent. discounts, those interested in signing up for a Twitch subscription simply need to select an option during the process “Pay with BitPay at checkout.”

The future of the market

BitPay explained that it’s exciting to see a tech trend-setting company like Twitch now accept cryptocurrencies. The Atlanta company believes that the gaming industry is especially going hand in hand with cryptocurrency asset handling. Recently, BitPay published a blog post proving that “Online gaming operators attract players who use BitPay for instant Bitcoin deposits.”

The company notes that accepting cryptocurrencies on a given online platform does “The potential to expand your user base lowers costs, eliminates chargebacks, offers speed and [sprawia, że rynek dla takiej firmy] there are no borders”because Bitcoin (BTC) and other digital assets “Can be shipped anywhere in the world in minutes“.

It is worth noting that the blockchain games market has also been developing rapidly in recent years. For example, the IOST project has its strategy game set in medieval China.

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