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September 24, 2020
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Tyler Winklevoss: owning Bitcoin is very, very smart

Gemini’s co-founder and chief executive, Tyler Winklevoss, tweeted that owning bitcoin is “very smart”.

Tyler Winklevoss once again tweeted his support for bitcoin in response to investors who questioned the value of owning cryptocurrency and gold.

Jake Chervinsky, from the algorithmic interest rate protocol Compound Finance, published a tweet on May 12, saying he was thinking of investing in gold beyond bitcoin.

“For the first time, I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth having a little gold in addition to bitcoin. 🤔 ”

Chervinsky explained that his interest in precious metals came in response to the US Treasury’s plan to lend more than $ 3 trillion in order to finance programs to combat COVID-19.

“Today’s announcement of a $ 3T cash printing plan appears to be awakening people to the possibility of stagflation. The older generation is not yet on board bitcoin. I never particularly liked gold, but perhaps that is the safe way of money. And diversifying is good. ”

Shapeshift CEO and former cryptocurrency supporter Erik Vorhees replied to Chervinsky’s original tweet:

Tyler Winklevoss: owning Bitcoin is very, very smart 24

“Owning gold is very smart”

The Twitter topic sparked the interest of Tyler Winklevoss, who came in with his full support for bitcoin.

Tyler Winklevoss: owning Bitcoin is very, very smart 25

“Owning bitcoin is very, very smart.”

It is reported that Tyler, co-founder and CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, has a net worth of more than $ 1 billion alongside his partner and twin brother Cameron. The Winklevoss twins reportedly accumulated 1% of the total bitcoin supply in 2013, when the price was still negotiated for less than $ 100.

Source: cryptoglobe

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