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September 27, 2020
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Ubisoft has created collector tokens to support UNICEF | Blocksats

On June 17, computer games giant – Ubisoft – released a series of collector’s items based on blockchain, for the popular franchise of games and TV shows, Rabbids. The money collected from the sale of these digital items will be used to support UNICEF.

Ubisoft will support UNICEF

As reported VentureBeat, the French company Ubisoft, will launch about 55 collector’s “Rabbids” in the form of tokens based on Ethereum blockchain. They will be represented by non-convertible 1: 1 tokens ERC-721 or NFT.

Collector’s Rabbids will have their own properties, appearance, value and will be able to be traded. Ubisoft will transfer all proceeds from the sale of these tokens to the UNICEF fund.

Transactions concluded in ETH

The company said Rabbids tokens use the “always for sale” model. This means that other collectors can purchase tokens from the current holder at any time, provided they are ready to pay the current price of the token in Ethereum (ETH).

Ubisoft has announced that former owners of ‘Rabbids’ will receive a special certificate, called ‘Proof of Plausible Ownership’, in short POPO, to confirm that they once owned the tokens.

Fully compatible tokens

The game giant also explained that tokens change every time they receive a new owner, completely changing the appearance of each Rabbid. Profits from these transactions will also go directly to UNICEF’s cryptocurrency fund.

Ubisoft also emphasized that these new collectibles are “fully compatible” with other blockchain-based games.

Ubisoft all the time continues to develop block chain technology in its operations. January 2, on the Cointelegraph website information appearedthat he will become a block producer in the UOS blockchain, supporting the project called Ultra.

If you are interested in gaming market tokens, you can also read an article about the GamerCoin gaming token: GamerCoin – what makes the new GamerHash project token stand out? After gathering half a million players around its project, the company decided to release its own digital coin, which is currently available in the private sale phase. You can read more about the possibilities of GamerCoin in this article.

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