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September 23, 2020
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Vin Armani, crypto-youtuber, moved out of the US and is afraid of “totalitarian tyranny” – Blocksats

CoinText’s founder, Vin Armani, moved to Saipan in April, fearing he would be recognized as persona non grata in the US and “Disappears.”

Vin Armani: escape from tyranny

Vin Armani is a youtuber who deals with kryptowalutami. He is also the producer of the film “Expressway to Your Skull“. Now he admitted that in April he moved to a small island in the Pacific to escape from “Totalitarian tyranny,” which he predicts will happen in the US.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, he said that he believed that there was a very good chance that he alone “Disappears”if it stays longer in California because it is “undesirable” by the authorities. He believes politicians are using the COVID-19 epidemic as a smokescreen to impose an authoritarian form of government on citizens.

At the beginning of April, he took his wife and two children to Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands. This was shortly before the epidemic restrictions were introduced. COVID-19, which severely limited travel abroad. The islands are owned by the Commonwealth of Nations, which makes it much easier for citizens to access them. Only about 52,000 people live in Saipan.

Armani forecasts

Earlier, youtuber presented his forecasts on the future of the USA on the web. March 14 wrote on government about Twitter “Gathering people and isolating them”.

“It was done 100 years ago, people. Are you really so blind that you are going to enter totalitarianism again? “

– scared.

He also recently admitted that he is worried about the technology from the realist show of Big Brother. He obviously means applications to track contacts of people who can infect other coronavirus. In addition, he expressed concern about the government regulating the types of purchases that four million Americans could do with incentives for prepaid debit cards.

In fact, the current actions of the rulers can provoke controversy and provoke the creation of various conspiracy theories (the latter, however, is definitely exaggerated and comes across science-fiction scenarios). However, is Armani exaggerating and moving to an island outside the US is not exaggerating? What do you think? Let us know what you think about this behavior in the comments.

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