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May 18, 2021
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Walmart and StormX will allow you to earn cryptocurrencies |

StormX, a blockchain-based platform that helps users earn cryptocurrencies, is starting a partnership with Walmart.

StormX and cooperation with giants

After signing deals with companies such as Microsoft, Nike, Adidas, eBay, Target, Dell and Samsung, StormX is now raising the bar, allowing as much as 4% of sales. “Cryptoback” for all Walmart purchases. In fact, buyers can earn as much as 14% if they reach the level “Superuser”.

Korean StormX launched its crypto-cashback program for customers in April this year. Now, by leveraging Walmart’s massive customer base, the start-up can take to a larger sea.

The retail chain serves over 265 million customers every week, has approx. 11,500 stationary stores in 27 countries. It also allows you to trade on the Internet. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the company generated revenues of $ 524 billion in 2020 alone.

“Walmart is synonymous with quality, so we are happy that we can continue to encourage users to shop here”

StormX CEO Simon Yu said. He added that the company “Is confident that users will take advantage of the rewards program to earn their favorite cryptocurrency while shopping at their favorite store.”

mobile application

StormX as an application is available in Google Play and AppStore, as well as as an extension of the Google Chrome browser. In addition to being able to claim rewards in return for purchases, users can use it to earn BTC, ETH, LTC, and other assets by performing a variety of easy tasks, such as filling out surveys or watching ads.

During its relatively short period of operation on the market, StormX made an admirable contribution to the adoption of cryptocurrencies. For if the industry is ever to capture the wider public’s imagination, cryptocurrencies must be easier to buy, easier to use, and safer to hold.

To date, the StormX app has been downloaded 2.5 million times from Google and Apple stores, and that number is likely to increase as news about Walmart integration spreads.

A year ago, the world also announced that Walmart’s goal is to patent a method of generating cryptocurrencies that would operate and record transactions using blockchain technology. The giant also wants to get to know the purchasing preferences of its customers better thanks to the project.

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