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September 23, 2020
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What is the positive impact of the bullish signal on the bitcoin after the half-life, the resumption of the virtual currency CM

Virtual currency market conditions Bitcoin (BTC) on the 13th increased by 2.96% from the previous day to 959,000 yen ($ 8,940). It is moving strongly.
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Although there is a view that the adjustment of the day pattern is insufficient, there is still a situation where caution is required even for an unexpected plunge, but as of noon on the 13th, the lower price has been rounded up and the price is expected to rise again to the 9,000 level.
TradingView BTCUSD Chart
As of the 12th, which was the day of the half-life of the Bitcoin, it was volatile due to the warning of a reaction to the half-life increase, but the crash on the 10th caused a high price grab …

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