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September 25, 2020
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WhatsApp shopping application Blocksats

It is true that we have not yet seen the digital currency of Libra Facebook (we do not even know the date of its potential issue), but WhatsApp introduces its own payment system for users. The application was to become one of the pillars of the aforementioned Libra. Now, however, he is standing on his own legs.

WhatsApp shopping application

What exactly are you talking about? Well, the new WhatsAppa function will allow you to buy products and pay liabilities from the chat mobile application. It’s a good news. The bad news is that this option will initially only be available in Brazil. Of course, probably, if it turns out to be a hit, it will be used in other countries, including maybe with us.

Importantly, the new feature will be free for users who will be able to use it (i.e. Brazilians first). Trading companies will only pay a handling fee for receiving money from the customer, just as it is now with credit card payments.

To prevent unauthorized transactions, we’ve introduced a six-digit PIN or fingerprint confirmation requirement. At the beginning we will handle debit and credit cards issued by Banco do Brasil, Nubank and Sicredi operated by Visa and Mastercard. We also work with Cielo, a leading provider of payment processing services in Brazil – you can read in the WhatsAppa press release.

What about Libra?

This is a surprising move that can be considered an attempt to give up Facebook plans for Libra. The last one has been less heard for some time. It was as if Mark Zuckerberg’s company was actually frightened by threats from politicians and officials and now wanted to put the project to sleep. We only know that the name Calibry (Libra’s planned portfolio) has been changed to Novi.

WhatsApp is another company that introduces its own payment system. In Poland, even popular food supermarkets have already equipped their clients with mobile applications that allow them to pay for them. Lidl Pay is the first payment system of this type introduced in Poland. In Żabka, on the other hand, Żappka Pay tests are underway.

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