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September 23, 2020
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Will all banks store digital assets in the future? |

Some time ago, we informed you that the United States’ office of the Comptroller of the currency. OCC) has given consent to the local banks to store digital assets. Hong Fang, president and CEO of OKCoin, believes this decision will have a major impact on institutional investors.

“Retail investors have a much wider range of choices and preferences than until recently. I expect more banks to become more open to kryptowaluty, with potentially faster banking transactions, greater public awareness as well as greater regulatory transparency. Pleasant user experiences play a significant role here. “

“The ruling of UOKiK is definitely positive news for the rapidly developing industry cryptocurrency. Digital assets are now recognized as a legal asset class for banks. UOKiK has made an important milestone by allowing traditional banks to provide custody services. They will apply to cryptocurrencythus strengthening the overall financial system and extending financial integration. ‘

Hong Fang said, adding that the new situation would allow the service sector to expand further kryptowalutowych.

OKCoin is an online platform for buying, selling and storing digital currencies (cryptocurrency). Offers the ability to trade between the US dollar and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. bitcoin cash, litecoin. ethereum and ethereum classic.

Will all banks offer digital currency storage services in the future?

Considering the new UOKiK regulation, adapted to the development of the service sector and blockchain over the years, logic may suggest that they will become more and more involved.

“Banks will continue to provide the products and services that customers require of them. Therefore, whether banks expand their offer to include digital asset storage depends on the target market of each bank as well as the mainstream of accepting cryptocurrency

In the industry kryptowalutowej there are already several companies focused on delivering digital asset solutions. Including various American institutions independent of the banking sector. Fang admitted that she would like to see how it all fits together in the near future.

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