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September 24, 2020
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With the Uphold wallet you will pay cryptocurrencies with 250,000 sellers Blocksats

TAP Network has entered into a partnership with the Uphold cryptocurrency portfolio. Thanks to this collaboration, wallet users can now pay with cryptocurrencies, gold and fiat currencies from over 250,000 sellers around the world.

Uphold users will pay in crypto to 250,000 sellers

The partnership between TAP Network and the Uphold portfolio will allow users to spend bitcoins, gold or fiat currencies with over 250,000 sellers worldwide.

The multi-currency payment option has long been part of the Uphold offer. For this purpose, portfolio users can use 27 national currencies, 30 cryptocurrencies, 6 stablecoins and 4 precious metals.

Thanks to the cooperation, all of your assets can now be converted into rewards via the TAP Network. Users can buy e.g. a Nike gift card, funds to spend in the Amazon store or a Spotify premium account. Prizes can be stored in digital form or used at appropriate sales outlets.

“At Uphold, we are working to combine old and new monetary systems to allow universal accessibility and daily use of digital content. The partnership with TAP Network will expand our business and provide customers with access to the best brands and retailers. It will also allow greater flexibility in making transactions in any currency that is in their account. “

Said Uphold CRO, Robin O’Connell.

Cooperation also gives the opportunity to donate to TAP Network’s charity partner organizations. These include the Red Cross, the American Cancer Association, and healthcare professionals involved in COVID-19. Thanks to Uphold, users can make donations in gold, bitcoin and fiat currencies.

“We are glad that we can cooperate with Uphold and connect millions of users around the world with the market of brands and TAP Network sellers. The dream of using any digital currency by paying online and offline sellers is one step closer to fulfillment. “

– said CEO and co-founder of TAP Network, Lin Dai.

Both companies cooperate with Brave

Both companies also work together as part of a partnership with Brave. Brave is a web browser focused on providing privacy protection that allows you to earn BAT tokens by browsing the internet. Users must first set up a Uphold wallet to collect earned tokens. The partnership with TAP Network, on the other hand, allows American users to exchange BAT tokens for gift cards from sellers such as Starbucks or American Airlines.

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