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September 22, 2020
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Year-to-date rate of rise and fall, major virtual currencies and gold are positive levels · Bitcoin has recovered the level of decline in the corona crisis |

For the movement of this week, we will look at the movement of each economic index, virtual currency, etc. this week. Bitcoin has been on an upward trend throughout the week, surpassing 1 million yen on the 8th (Friday), and even with the price against the dollar, 1 BTC temporarily exceeded $ 10,000. It has been traded in excess of $ 10,000 since February 24, 2020. Each company reported its financial results for Q1 2020, and it has been reported that Bitcoin purchases are increasing in Bitcoin transaction services such as CashApp. Virtual currency 0x (ZRX) soared about twice in a week, and it seems that the change in the staking period was liked by the market. An article summarizing important news …

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