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September 21, 2020
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Zeus Capital is right to say that ChainLink (LINK) is a “vaporware”?

Zeus Capital adheres to the chain that says ChainLink (LINK) is pure Vaporware

As the price of ChainLink continues to seek new highs, the Zeus Capital team remains attentive to its weapons, defending its claims that ChainLink is pure vaporware. Per definition, “Vaporware is software or hardware that is announced by a developer long before its release, but that never goes into production, whether or not its development cycle has been delayed”.

A quick visit to the @ZeusCapitalLLP Twitter page reveals that the initial report that disappeared from the web in July now is online again so the audience can read.

In addition, the team continued to compare ChainLink to Wirecard and the once popular biotechnology company Theranos, which collapsed in September 2018. The comparison with the last company can be found in the following tweet.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight with you, then you win.”

Theranos went to $ 0. Does that ring a bell?

DYOR, investigative report

Another tweet on the Zeus Capital page states that LINK’s marines are paid to continue pumping the asset’s price. The tweet can be found below.

“Chainlink’s dedicated army of paid marines is after your money. Don’t fall for it. Get out of your $ LINK investment until you can benefit from it. ”


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Time usually works things out

With many cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors wondering what to do with Zeus Capital’s information, a prudent option would be simply to let time provide a lasting result for the situation.

If ChainLink is really vaporware, time will follow LINK’s design and price, as proven by Wirecard and Theranos.

On the other hand, if the charges are false, the same time variable will provide valuable information about what motivated the Zeus Capital team to make such charges.

In conclusion, and using the words of several cryptocurrency traders, the charts never lie and, at the time of this writing, the ChainLink chart is optimistic with a pending correction in the pipeline. Parabolic movements, like those of LINK, usually end with a massive correction to bring the asset’s value to some level of balance.

A good example of running and parabolic correction is Bitcoin’s impressive $ 20k run in 2017, which resulted in BTC falling to as low as $ 3,150 in December 2018.

As with all ChainLink reviews, stop loss is recommended, as well as the use of low leverage to protect trading capital.

Source: EWN

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